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We remove nesting sites, prevent roosting on window ledges and gutters, we’ll even clean up pigeon droppings.

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When birds start to nest in your building or home, they cause damage to your roof and leave excessive bird droppings everywhere.

We understand that the problem of bird control is a unique one that requires several bird exclusion and bird deterrent options. Because of this, we offer several humane products and service to help resolve any bird problems you may be dealing with.

Pigeon Squad  provides human bird removal services to help bring peace and serenity back into your life. We offer a range of control methods that will rid you of bothersome birds, and with our expertise in eliminating or removing the problem, you can enjoy your outdoor space again.


The key to pigeon control is to keep them from landing on your building in the first place. Whether you have a bird problem on your roof, over your doors or windows Pigeon Squad can solve that problem! Bird removal is never a easy task it involves ladders, bird removal tools, and spiking and bird netting. Pigeon removal is the most common bird home owners and business owners will deal with.

Our bird removal services use bird spikes and or pigeon netting as a bird deterrent and bird repellent. This is the only true, solution to your problem.

Solar-Powered Home


Pigeons are known to be quite a nuisance  when it comes to your solar panels. They love the natural coverage that the solar panels offer, resulting in issues such as unwanted nesting and an abundance of droppings on the panels. Once removed we offer a complimentary solar cleaning. 

We utilize a water purification system combined with an telescoping water fed nylon brush to clean off any and all dirt, grime, bird droppings, filth and caked on dust/mud that builds up over time. 


Bird droppings can be seen and dropped practically anywhere on your property. From rooftops and HVAC equipment to siding or sidewalks, no area is ever safe. We are highly skilled and experienced with all facets of pressure washing every square inch of roosting areas or dropping sites. This is something that we also provide (a necessity) before any kind of bird-deterrent installation.

After the clean-up and removal process, we would make recommendations on how to seal entry points for future birds looking to get in and installation of a professional bird-deterrent system to prevent this from ever happening again.

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